"I know the work and dedication it takes to serve as Recorder of Deeds for Boone County. Bob Nolte has the leadership and management skills required and has shown he is prepared to take on the responsibility. He has a genuine commitment to the citizens of Boone County.” 

Bettie Johnson, Boone County Recorder of Deeds for 36 years

"The office of Recorder of Deeds requires that candidates understand and be committed to maintaining accurate records, ensuring that access is afforded to all, and utilizing available technology to increase efficiency and safety in preserving and maintaining these records. Bob Nolte has demonstrated this commitment and has the skill set to accomplish these goals. He will be an outstanding Recorder of Deeds."

Janet Thompson, Boone County Northern District Commissioner 

"I am proud to endorse Bob Nolte for Boone County Recorder of Deeds. The Recorder’s office is an essential part of local government, housing and marriage, and even military discharge. Bob understands the importance of maintaining public trust, and ensuring fair access and availability of the records that are most important to the people of Boone County. And what’s more, Bob has the drive to ensure the office stays relevant in our ever changing technological landscape."

Justin Aldred, Boone County Southern District Commissioner

"As Boone County Assessor, I understand first hand what the public expects from their elected officials.  My office has daily interactions with the Recorder of Deeds office.  This interaction is vital to maintain current ownership records for Boone County.  Boone Countians have became accustomed to the high standards and professionalism currently offered in the recorders office.  I believe with Bob’s experience as Compliance Director for the University of Missouri, Department of Athletics, he would continue those same principles.  Please join me in support of Bob Nolte for the next  Boone County Recorder of Deeds."

Kenny Mohr, Boone County Assessor

"I am proud to endorse Bob Nolte for Recorder of Deeds for Boone County. Bob has the professional experience and strong commitment to public service that makes him an outstanding candidate for the job. Join me in supporting Bob for Recorder of Deeds!"

Martha Stevens, Missouri State Representative

"I wholeheartedly endorse Bob Nolte to be our next Recorder of Deeds for Boone County. Bob is detail-oriented, creative, and very hard-working and he'll be a great addition to our county government."

Judy Baker, former Missouri State Representative for Columbia

"Now more than ever, we need qualified public servants willing to step up and serve our community. As our next Recorder of Deeds, Bob Nolte will be dedicated to the details and will protect our greatest financial assets — our home and property deeds. Bob is also a dependable progressive who will administer marriage licenses regardless of who you love ... or who the Supreme Court says you can love. Please join me in supporting Bob Nolte for Boone County Recorder of Deeds."

Brian Treece, former Mayor of Columbia

"I’m happy to support Bob Nolte because he believes—as I do—that ALL Boone County residents deserve to live in a community where they feel safe. I’m voting for Bob for Recorder of Deeds because I know him to be dedicated and hard-working, and his energetic, inspiring commitment to our community will serve us well."

Kristin Bowen, gun violence prevention activist

"Bob Nolte is the best person to serve as Boone County Recorder and I endorse him wholeheartedly. Bob has an amazing attention to detail, and will ensure that every document registered in Boone County will be done efficiently and in compliance with the law. More importantly, I know that Bob will treat each and every person that comes into the County Recorder's office with respect and compassion. Bob is truly a wonderful person and Boone County will be better for having him serve as County Recorder."

Michela Skelton, attorney and previous candidate for Missouri House District 50

"I am very pleased to announce my endorsement and support for Bob Nolte to be elected Boone County's next Recorder of Deeds. I've seen Bob's work up close and know him to be attentive to detail, thorough, and dedicated. You can be sure that Bob will bring a heart for service to everyone in Boone County and we can all count on him to be committed to the work that touches so many."

Nick Foster, Columbia 4th Ward City Council member

"Bob is the best candidate for this position. He brings highly developed skills to the office, along with a critical eye to move toward technology that will improve functions and results. Most importantly, Bob is an experienced administrator who understands the need for accuracy, and secure access whether recording property deeds, or marriage licenses or U.S. military discharge orders. Through his years with MU, Bob has demonstrated a commitment to hard work, public service, and to our community. Please join me and vote for Bob Nolte to be the next Boone County Recorder of Deeds!"

Maria Oropallo, chair, City of Columbia Finance and Audit Committee

"Patty & I would like endorse Bob Nolte for Recorder of Deeds here in Boone County! No doubt Bob is new to politics which gives us greater reason to support him! A fresh start is needed on many levels in county government. Bob’s ten years of experience in compliance at Mizzou Athletic Department assures us that he is more than capable of navigating county government. Please join us in supporting Bob Nolte for Recorder."

Richard & Patty King, local business owners

"Boone County needs Bob Nolte as our next recorder of deeds. Bob is meticulous, reliable, and a genuinely good person — all qualities we need in our county officials. Bob is exceptionally trustworthy and conscientious. He has the skills and temperament we need to responsibly manage an important office. His relationship-building experience will go a long way with the commission to ensure that the recorder of deed’s office gets the budget it needs to move the office forward into the 21st century."

Jessica Caldera, attorney and former Boone County employee

"I am proud to endorse Bob Nolte for Recorder of Deeds for Boone County. I’ve been lucky to work with Bob on projects since 2017 and to count him as a friend; his attention to detail and ability to bring a keen eye to the priorities within a complex situation ensure that he stands apart. Bob’s desire to go above and beyond in his service to the community will serve Boone County well when he is elected Recorder of Deeds."

Hallie Thompson, co-founder of MOST Policy Initiative